Murray Energy Corporation produces approximately 76 million tons of high quality bituminous coal each year, produced through the efforts of nearly 7,000 people in 7 states, and Colombia, South America.

We operate 15 active mines in 5 regions in the United States and two mines in Colombia, South America.  Murray Energy operates 12 underground longwall mining systems and 42 continuous mining units.

We operate 10 coal transloading facilities and five mining and equipment factory and fabrication facilities.

Our coal reserves total more than 6 billion tons of high heat, high quality coal in close proximity to our customers.

Our Operations

Here is a closer look at our specific active operations.

Murray Energy’s Corporate Headquarters

Location: St. Clairsville, Ohio

American Energy Corporation

Operation: Century Mine
Location: Beallsville, Ohio

Murray American Energy, Inc.

Company: The Marshall County Coal Company
Operations: Cameron Portal, Blake’s Ridge Portal, The Marshall County Preparation Plant, Fish Creek Maintenance Shop, Ohio Valley Operations Office
Location: Moundsville, West Virginia

Company: The Ohio County Coal Company
Operations: Golden Ridge Portal, Whitaker Portal, The Ohio County Preparation Plant
Location: Wheeling, West Virginia

Company: The Harrison County Coal Company
Operations: Camp Run Portal, Margaret Portal, The Harrison County Coal Preparation Plant, Northern West Virginia Operations Center
Location: Monongah, West Virginia

Company: The Marion County Coal Company
Operations: Metz Portal, Miracle Run Portal, Sugar Run Preparation Plant
Location: Fairview, West Virginia

Company: The Monongalia County Coal Company
Operations: Kuhntown Portal, Wana Preparation Plant
Location: Blacksville, West Virginia

Company: Dents Run Water Treatment Plant
Location: Mannington, West Virginia

Murray Metallurgical Coal Holdings, LLC

Company: Murray Oak Grove Coal, LLC
Operations: Oak Grove Mine Complex
Location: Bessemer, Alabama

Company: Murray Maple Eagle Coal, LLC
Operations: Maple Eagle No. 1 Mine
Location: Powellton, West Virginia

Murray Kentucky Energy, Inc.

Company: The Western Kentucky Coal Company, LLC
Operations: Genesis Mine
Location: Centertown, Kentucky

Company: The Muhlenberg County Coal Company, LLC
Operations: Pride Mine
Location: Central City, Kentucky

Foresight Energy

Company: Macoupin Energy, LLC
Operations: Shay No. 1 Mine, Macoupin Energy Preparation Plant
Location: Carlinville, Illinois

Company: Sugar Camp Energy, LLC
Operations: MC #1 Mine, Viking Mine
Location: Macedonia, Illinois

Company: Williamson Energy
Operations: Pond Creek #1 Mine
Location: Marion, Illinois

UtahAmerican Energy, Inc.

Operations: Lila Canyon Mine
Location: East Carbon, Utah

Colombia Natural Resources, Inc.

Operations: La Francia Mine, El Hatillo Mine
Location: Colombia, South America

Murray American River Towing Inc.

Operations: Murray American River Operations Center, Alicia Dock, West Elizabeth Docks, West End Landing
Location: Monessen, Pennsylvania

The Sitran Terminal

Location: Evansville, Indiana

Javelin Global Commodities

Javelin is a domestic and international coal brokerage and marketing firm.  Murray Energy owns 34% of Javelin. For more information on Javelin, click here.

Operations: CNX Marine Terminal in Baltimore Maryland, McDuffie Terminal located at the Alabama State Dock in Mobile, Alabama, The Convent Marine Terminal located in Convent, Louisiana.
Location: Headquartered in London, England

American Equipment and Machine, Inc.

Location: Centralia, Illinois

Anchor Longwall & Rebuild, Inc.

Location: Wheeling, West Virginia

American Mine Services, Inc.

Location: Clarington, Ohio

Murray Equipment and Machine, Inc.

Location: Millersburg, Kentucky

MonValley Vulcanizing, Inc.

Location: Eighty-Four, Pennsylvania

Murray Energy Corporation's Corporate Headquarters
The Ohio River near Moundsville, West Virginia. To the right, The Ohio Valley Transportation Center and to the left, the Marshall County Preparation Center
The Ohio County Preparation Plant along the Ohio River in West Virginia.
Murray Oak Grove Coal, LLC's Oak Grove Mine Complex in near Bessemer, Alabama
Murray Maple Eagle Coal, LLC's Maple Eagle No. 1 Mine near Powellton, West Virginia
The Western Kentucky Coal Company, LLC's Genesis Mine near Centertown, Kentucky.
The M Class #1 Mine operated by Foresight Energy located in Macedonia, Illinois.
UtahAmerican Energy, Inc.'s Lila Canyon Mine located in East Carbon, Utah.
The Sitran Terminal is located in Evansville, Indiana
American Equipment and Machine, Inc. is located in Centralia, Illinois
MonValley Vulcanizing, Inc. is located in Eighty-Four, Pennsylvania