Murray Energy Corporation is the largest privately owned coal company in the United States, producing approximately seventy-six million tons of high quality bituminous coal each year, and employing nearly 7,000 people in six states, and Colombia, South America.

Murray Energy now operates fifteen active mines in five regions in the United States, plus two mines in Colombia, South America.  Murray Energy operates twelve underground longwall mining systems and forty-two continuous mining units.  We operate ten transloading facilities, and five mining equipment factory and fabrication facilities.

Our company was founded in 1988 by Mr. Robert E. Murray, who mortgaged everything he owned to the purchase a single continuous mining operation, The Ohio Valley Coal Company’s Powhatan No. 6 Mine, which at the time had an annual output of approximately 1.2 million tons per year and was being closed.

We expanded our business in the 1990s and 2000s by purchasing additional high quality coal reserves strategically located near customers and convenient and low cost modes of transportation in Northern Appalachia, the Illinois Basin, and in Utah.  In 1996, we developed the Paradise Mine in the western Kentucky and, in 1998, The American Coal Company’s New Era and New Future Mines in Illinois.  In 1999, we constructed American Energy Corporation’s Century Mine in southeastern Ohio.  In 2000, we purchased the Lila Canyon Mine reserves and, in 2006, the West Ridge Mine in Utah, as well as other coal properties.

On December 5, 2013, we purchased Consolidation Coal Company from CONSOL Energy Inc.  This was a transformative transaction for Murray Energy Corporation, in which we acquired: The Ohio County Coal Company’s Ohio County Mine (formerly Shoemaker Mine); The Marshall County Coal Company’s Marshall County Mine (formerly McElroy Mine); The Marion County Coal Company’s Marion County Mine (formerly Loveridge Mine); The Harrison County Coal Company’s Harrison County Mine (formerly Robinson Run Mine); and The Monongalia County Coal Company’s Monongalia County Mine (formerly Blacksville Mine). These companies are now subsidiaries of Murray American Energy, Inc.

In April, 2015, Murray Energy Corporation announced the acquisition of a significant economic interest in Foresight Energy, LP. This limited partnership was a transformative transaction positioning both companies for growth and continued safe, low-cost coal production. In March, 2017, Murray Energy Corporation gained controlling interest in Foresight Energy.

Included in this transaction were 1.7 billion tons of coal reserves located in Central and Southern Illinois supporting four active mining complexes. The thick coal seams and consistent geology there are well suited for highly productive and low cost longwall mining.

Presently, three (3) fully developed longwalls are in place with the ability to expand up to six additional longwall systems without increasing our reserve base. We also operate a continuous miner operation at Foresight Energy.

In June of 2015, Murray Energy, along with E.On Global Commodities, now known as Uniper Energy Services, formed Javelin Global Commodities.

In August, 2015, Murray Energy acquired mines in Colombia, South America.  Colombia Natural Resources, Incorporated, located near Cesar Department, Colombia, includes two developed surface mining operations and three undeveloped coal reserves.  Its assets include a coal port facility, seventeen percent  of a railroad line, eleven locomotives and 530 rail cars. 

In February, 2018, Murray Energy completed the acquisition of Murray Kentucky Energy, Incorporated. This included two underground and one surface mine in the Illinois Basin. The underground mines are now known as The Western Kentucky Coal Company’s LLC’s Genesis Mine and The Muhlenberg County Coal Company, LLC’s Pride Mine. Murray Kentucky also now owns and operates three coal processing plants, a river dock, and a rail loadout facility.

In April, 2019, Murray Energy and its majority owned unrestricted subsidiary company, Murray Metallurgical Coal Holdings, LLC, acquired the Oak Grove, Seminole Alabama and Maple Eagle Mining Complexes, located in Alabama and West Virginia.

Murray Energy’s existing Joint Venture partner, Javelin Global Commodities, is the minority owner of Murray Metallurgical Coal Holdings and leads the global marketing efforts for these world class coal mines.

Murray Energy also engages in related business operations and activities, including owning and operating four mining equipment manufacturing and rebuild facilities along with a number of river, truck and rail terminals, and twenty-six river towboats and over 500 barges on the inland waterway system.

Many of our mining complexes are strategically located near our customers’ electric generating stations, and all have excellent, low cost transportation infrastructures to our markets.

We pride ourselves on running very safe mines, providing thousands of jobs, and being the low-cost producer in any sourcing region in which we operate.